I’m Fat?

Fat pic 2

I’m 53 years old. My body has advanced and matured.

My mind still sees me as I was at 25, six-packed and muscular. It is my belief that my mind and my eyes oppose each other at times.

Reality struck me in the face a few years ago when I had to have an insurance physical. My BMI suggested that I was obese (bloody statisticians)! I never really accepted that diagnosis as I lean towards denial in a few aspects of my life. Besides, I’m still quite muscular and I have a disproportionately large head. I should actually be 4 inches taller according to my head circumference.  These things are bound to upset the numbers somewhat.

If I look down to my toes I have to lean slightly forward. That’s because I have good posture.

If I ride my bicycle wearing those tight bike shorts I can feel the overhang of my belly. That’s because that particular bike is designed aerodynamically which forces the rider, any rider, to lean “way” forward for optimal performance.

I recently bought a couple of shirts for work. I had to get the XXXL size but that was because they are a “slim fit” according to the label. I avoid sitting down when I wear those shirts as there’s a design flaw that forces some gaping between the buttons when I do. I noticed someone looking the other day as I sat in front of them. I didn’t need to follow their gaze but they knew I knew.

When I sit down to put my shoes on I can’t breathe very well but that’s because the shoes are really difficult to pull over my heels and it’s like a daily aerobics session. The relief once they’re on is magnificent and almost worth those spots before my eyes.

The other day my daughter said, “My God dad, you look like you’re pregnant!” In my defense, I had just eaten a huge dinner of Indian food and everyone knows that the roti bread tends to bloat. Besides, I have a very elastic stomach.

I’m fat aren’t I!

A friend of mine has started a 90-day get healthy thing. I have been inspired by him! I started my 10 day juice fast yesterday. I began the day by drinking a litre of water with a squeeze of lemon in in. I was cleansing. Then I took a juicer to work and a stack of fruit and vegetables. I juiced all day. I felt great. I have will-power.  I knocked off at 6 pm, went home and scrutinized the fruit and veggies in the kitchen with which I would juice again. Carrot, oranges, broccoli, kale, beets, dates. I had it all.

My wife took the lid off the stew she had cooked for the kids. I love stew. If I look down at my toes today I can see them quite clearly and I’m hardly leaning forward at all.

Is that a hint of curry?



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