Crocodiles and wasps

Wasps are more frightening than crocodiles! As I walked a lonely trail on an island in Isabelle province over Easter, I disturbed a sun-bathing croc who abruptly lunged my way. Fortunately his intention was to slip into the swamp a metre in front of me to make his escape, assuming I was more a threat to him than he to me! My response was calm. I found a stick and proceeded to poke around the water as I wanted to take a picture of him. In a million years I would never stand one meter from a wasp nest and poke it!




As I climb into the pool pump pit, I steal a glance at the growing swarm of wasps 6 inches above. My instincts tell me to run. The pool however must stay clean. As I lean over to switch the power on I can feel them watching me. Why do they vibrate in unison like that? Which one will make the collective decision to attack and when? Tomorrow I must go in there again.